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Wedding Officiant / Destination Weddings

We are duly authorized to act as wedding officiants in Puerto Rico. We work with local and destination weddings. We offer our clients full assistance during the complete wedding process; we perform wedding ceremonies at our offices or directly to the location selected by the couple.

Cancellation of Mortgages

When a mortgage loan is fully satisfied, the bank returns the original note to the debtor. A Cancelation of Mortgage Deed must be made to cancel and eliminate the mortgage loan debt from the Puerto Rico Property Registry.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

For a prenuptial agreement to be valid in Puerto Rico, it must be done through a public deed executed before a notary public in Puerto Rico. This agreement can be done before or after marriage. For enhanced protection, it is highly recommended to sign them before getting married.

Sales Deed

Looking to buy or sell your house in Puerto Rico? In Puerto Rico all real estate property purchases and sales must be done through a public deed executed before a notary public in Puerto Rico.


An affidavit is a written statement in which an individual or corporate entity promises that the information contained therein is true. For this private document to be valid in Puerto Rico, it must be signed and executed before a notary public in Puerto Rico. However, if the person is not in Puerto Rico, the affidavit must be accompanied by a “notarial flag” to validate the document in Puerto Rico.

Divorce by Notary

In Puerto Rico you can get divorced before a Notary Public without going to court, when the couple mutually consents to it. This type of divorce is done in a public deed and the dissolution of the marriage is immediate.

Safe Home Acts

Through a Safe Home Act, every homeowner in Puerto Rico can protect his dwelling from the collection of monies seizures and similar procedures. This is a one-time protection that lasts the lifetime of your dwelling.

Liquidation of conyugal PARTNERSHIP

After a couple gets divorced in Puerto Rico, it’s important to formally divide and liquidate the conjugal properties throughout a Public Deed executed before a notary public. The divorce judgment is not enough to legally transfer the conjugal real property title to one of the ex-spouses. If the conjugal property has a mortgage attached, the bank must approve the liquidation to validly transfer the title and liberate any particular from the debt.

Power of Attorney

Any legally capable person in Puerto Rico (grantor) can execute before a notary public a Power of Attorney deed, to validly grant another person (family or friends) to be their attorney-in-fact (representative) in the matters specified. This type of deed becomes null upon the grantors’ mental incapacity.

In Puerto Rico we have what is known as Durable Power of Attorney, meaning that the attorney-in-fact can legally and validly continue acting on the grantors´ behalf, even if the grantor becomes mentally incompetent.

last Wills

Through a Last Will the testator decides how his assets and property will be distributed among the heirs after his death. If a person dies without a will, the decedent’s assets need to be distributed according to the Puerto Rico laws for intestate distribution.


In Puerto Rico to validly divide property or piece of land, it is necessary to complete the delimitation of property processes throughout permits and land maps. After the process is approved by the corresponding government offices, a Segregation Deed must be executed before a notary public, establishing the new piece of land delimitations concerning its location, measurements, and boundaries.