C i v i l L a w S e r v i c e s
(Local, Federal and Administrative Courts)

Real Estate

As Real Estate Attorneys in Puerto Rico we offer fully bilingual legal and public notary services, related to Inheritance matters, property title analysis, and commercial transactions. We lead our clients through the process of real estate transactions, such as rent, buy, sell, or register real estate in Puerto Rico.

Collection of Monies

As Collection of Monies Attorney we represent creditors and debtors in debt collection cases in state and federal courts. We help our individual and corporate clients obtain favorable results in their collection of monies procedures in Puerto Rico, by locating and seizing assets, bank accounts, accounts receivables and property. When we are working with a debtor, we assist them in the negotiation and drafting of viable settlement agreements. 

COMMERCIAL / Bussines Matters

As Commercial and Business Attorneys in Puerto Rico, we help our clients with matters related to entrepreneurship and corporate law, contracts, bylaws, and intellectual property.

Contracts / Breach of Contract

As Contract Attorneys in Puerto Rico we assist our clients with any type of contract matter, including breach, drafting, review and negotiation of contracts related to real estate, business, employment or personal matters.

Mortgage Foreclousure / Loss Mitigation

As Mortgage Attorneys in Puerto Rico, we assist our clients throughout the complete process of mortgages. We assist our clients during loss mitigation programs and modifications. In case of a judicial foreclosure process, our lawyers have the ability to accurately defend our clients in local and federal courts.

Horizontal Property, Condominiums and Closed Neighborhoods

As Real Estate Attorneys in Puerto Rico and the increase of multiunit properties, we provide complete assessment to Home Owners Associations and individual homeowners in the management and understanding the unique Horizontal Property and Closed Neighborhood Acts. We represent our clients in administrative (DACO) and local courts. 


As Family Law Attorneys in Puerto Rico we assist our clients in matters related to Inheritance Determination, Legal Proclamation of Incapacity and Appointment of Tutor, Change or correction of vital records, among others. 

Inheritance, Probate and Estate Planning

As Inheritance and Probate Attorneys in Puerto Rico, we assist our clients in the complete procedure. In Puerto Rico all the goods left behind by the deceased is governed by the Civil Code of Puerto Rico and the Probate procedures that include the opening, administration, valuation, liquidation and closure of the estate.


As Tort Attorneys in Puerto Rico we guide our clients thru the process of personal liability cases, which arises out of a negligent or wrongful act not related with any contract between the parties.